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70 Ton Per Batch Mixed Flow Dryer Low Crushing Rate, No Auger Fast Drying For Corn

70 Ton Per Batch Mixed Flow Dryer Low Crushing Rate, No Auger Fast Drying For Corn

Low Crushing Rate Mixed Flow Dryer

70 Ton Mixed Flow Dryer

No Auger Mixed Flow Dryer

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Model Number:

5HZV-70(2 sets)

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Product Details
One Year
70 Ton/batch
Noise Level:
Heating Method:
Hot Air
Moisture Uneven Rate:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Delivery Time
20 Working Days
Payment Terms
Product Description

Product Introduction:
The drying output is large, the efficiency is high, and the cost  is low 
1. This machine adopts an enhanced transverse eight-groove dryer structure, which makes the grain layer thinner, the height of the drying layer is more than 2 meters, and the grain is heated more evenly and the effect is better.
2. Adopt 2 sets of large air volume hot air fans, large air volume, no dust accumulation in the channel, no impurities, and faster drying speed.
Excellent features
1. Multi-functional all-in-one machine design, the product is suitable for the drying of corn, wheat, sorghum, rapeseed and other particles and seeds, using indirect hot air heating, no pollution to the grain, but also to remove a large amount of dust in the grain.
2. The new design of the grain discharge mechanism, the elimination of the grain discharge wheel adopts the structure of quantitative hopper to prevent grain blockage, grain leakage and margin design.
3. Anti-crushing design, the top is made of glass tube to directly drop the grain, which fundamentally solves the problem of waist explosion and crushing of the dryer. The increase in the bursting rate of corn was ≦1%, and the increase in the fragmentation rate of grain crops after drying was ≦0.1%, both of which were better than the national standard.

Product advantages:

It is assembled with imported accessories, and the moisture content of the grain is monitored and displayed online at all times, and the moisture error is ±0.1

The PLC control system can remotely monitor the working status and fault query and can remove the fault, and the cycle motor is controlled by the inverter and can adjust the motor speed from time to time.



The corn dryer is ideal for different occasions and scenarios. Here are some of the situations in which this product can be used:

  • Farms: The corn dryer is perfect for farmers who need to dry their corn dryer efficiently. It helps in reducing the moisture content of the corn dryer, which is essential for storage and transport. It is an essential product for farmers who want to increase the shelf life of their corn dryer.
  • Food Processing Plants: Food processing plants that produce corn-based products can benefit from the corn dryer. The product can help in drying the corn dryer before they are processed into different products. This results in high-quality products that meet the standards of the food industry .

The ZENVO corn dryer has a minimum order quantity of one and a delivery time of 20  working days. The payment terms include TT and LC, making it easy for customers to purchase the product. The product comes with a one-year warranty, ensuring that customers get value for their money.


Support and Services:

The corn dryer product technical support and services include:

- Troubleshooting assistance for any technical issues that may arise during the operation of the dryer

- Repair and maintenance services to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of the dryer

- Training and education programs for proper usage, maintenance, and safety procedures

- Access to replacement parts and accessories

- Warranty coverage for any defects or malfunctions within the specified warranty period


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