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35 Ton High Volume Per Batch Grain Dryer With Biomass Furnace Automatic Control

35 Ton High Volume Per Batch Grain Dryer With Biomass Furnace Automatic Control

Automatic Control Batch Grain Dryer

Biomass Furnace Batch Grain Dryer

High Volume Batch Grain Dryer

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Product Details
Product Name:
Batch Grain Dryer
Time Of Feeding:
Time Of Discharge:
Coal, Branch, Straw ,husk
Volume Paddy(560kg/m3):
Moisture Reduction:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 Set
Packaging Details
wooden package suitable for ocean shipment
Delivery Time
15~25 working days
Supply Ability
100 Sets per Month
Product Description

35 ton high volume per batch grain dryer with biomass furnace automatic control


Three essential conditions for drying high quality cereals:


1, control the drying rate (per hour of precipitation) to prevent rice burst waist.
2, the control of grain temperature, to prevent the grain temperature is too high, lower quality, to ensure that germination rate.
3, equipped with automatic moisture meter. When the grain reaches the set water when the automatic shutdown, to prevent drying.


Horizontal octet and cross mixed flow

1, horizontal eight-slot and cross-mixed flow to prevent uneven drying.
2, drying around the heating method, even if the dry high moisture will not condensation.
3, a large area of ventilation, thin layer of dry, air volume, fast.
4, the flow of grain is good.
5, less energy consumption.
6, hot air channel is not accumulated dust, leaving no residual.
7, the drying section for the welding of the overall structure, even if the higher moisture content of the grain also has a good drying effect.
8, dry a small amount of grain can also be carried out smoothly.


Grain universal dryer features:

1. The fuselage is low, easy to install, the height of the hoist is significantly reduced compared with the previous model, and it can be installed front and back, so it not only reduces the construction area, but also reduces the construction cost.
2. The "horizontal 8-groove" drying structure enables the hot air to process the grain in all directions, and even if the grain moisture is high, it can be dried quickly and evenly.
3. Safe and reliable, easy to clean
The bottomless structure of the dryer section will not accumulate debris, and the cleaning is safe and reliable.
4. Computer control mode. The valley temperature, humidity measurement and hot air temperature of the dryer are all controlled by the computer, and the drying is uniform, without bursting the waist, and there is no need for staff to guard.
5. Touch the control panel. The panel design uses touch buttons, which is simple to operate and easy to learn.
6. Automatic control of drying speed to prevent bursting. Precipitation and hot air temperatures are computer-controlled and do not need to be set manually.
7. Grain temperature control to prevent grain deterioration. During drying, in order to prevent the grain temperature from being too high and the rice and wheat from deteriorating, the computer reasonably controls the grain within a certain range to ensure the quality of rice and wheat.
8. Automatic moisture detection to prevent excessive drying, the shutdown device has a built-in high-precision moisture measurement device, controlled by the computer, and automatically detects whether the moisture content of water, rice and wheat meets the requirements, and automatically turns off and stops, which not only prevents excessive drying, but also operates manually except for rabbits.

Dryer operation process:


1, simple operation of the control box
Simple operation and easy to use. Just press the button light to complete the various operations.
2, before the parameters to confirm and set the dry
Before each drying only need to confirm the amount of grain, cereal species, stop the water, rest and start time and other parameters, set simple and convenient.
3, to set the water when the automatic shutdown
Grain to set the water when the dryer automatically shut down, effectively preventing the drying.
4, digital display
Various parameters in the display can be very clearly displayed.
5, fault monitoring, alarm device
If the dryer is abnormal during use, the fault monitor will automatically alarm, stop, and prompt the fault location.
6, the choice of drying methods
According to the type and characteristics of the grain selection of different drying methods: a. Fixed temperature drying b. Regular drying


Model 5HMD-35
Type Batch type circulation
(t)Volume Paddy(560kg/m3) 50.0
  Wheat(680kg/m3) 53.5
Dimension(mm) Length×Width×Height 7653*4724*14918
From 25% to 14.5%) 3200-5000
Burner type Hot air furnace
  Ignition method Automatic high voltage ignition/manual work ignition
  (kg/h)fuel consumption(kg/h) 80-100 coal
fuel Coal, branch, straw ,husk
Blower motor power (kw) 22
The total power of Motor(kw)/ Voltage(v) 28.25/380
Time of feeding
paddy 50~60
  wheat 55~65
(min) Time of Discharging paddy 46~56
  wheat 52~62
Moisture reduction rate per hour paddy 0.4~1.5%
  wheat 0.5~2.0%

Automatic control and safety device
Automatic moisture meter, automatic ignition, automatic stop, temperature control device, fault alarm device, full grain alarm device, electrical overload protection device, leakage protection device


35 Ton High Volume Per Batch Grain Dryer With Biomass Furnace Automatic Control 0 

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