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PLC Control Heavy Bag Packaging Machine For Sealing Fully Automatic

PLC Control Heavy Bag Packaging Machine For Sealing Fully Automatic

304ss Heavy Bag Packaging Machine

PLC Control Heavy Bag Packaging Machine

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Product Details
Granular, Powder Products
Packing Speed:
240~480 Bags/h
Type Of Bag:
Woven Bags,PE Film Bag, Folding Line Seam
Bag Weight:
AC 380V 50Hz ~12kw
Material Contact Surface:
304 Stainless Steel
Control Method:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 Set
Packaging Details
Wooden Package
Delivery Time
30 working days
Payment Terms
T/T, L/C
Supply Ability
30 sets per month
Product Description

10~25 KGS woven bag Fully Automatic Sealing Packaging Machine


YKCK-type fully automatic heavy bag packaging machine proprietary features:
1) Wide adaptability to bags. The packaging machine uses the bag-picking method, that is, from the bag-ready library to take bags, bag-to-center positioning, bag forward delivery, bag port positioning, pre-opened bag, bag robot inserted into the bag mouth, while the two sides of the air grip bag mouth sides, and finally on the bag. This type of baging on the bag manufacturing size error and the quality of the bag itself is not high, thereby reducing the cost of bag making.
2) The upper bag robot arm is driven by servo motor, compared with most other manufacturers of pneumatic robot, with fast speed, smooth bag, no impact, long service life and other advantages.
3) The clamping device clamping port position is equipped with two micro-switches, which are used to detect whether the bag port is fully clamped and the bag port is fully open. In order to ensure that the packaging machine does not misjudge, will not spill to the ground, improve the efficiency of the use of packaging machine and field operating environment.
4). The parameters of the packing machine are set on the touch screen, the human-machine-friendly touch screen interface can fully monitor the operation status of the whole machine, automatic fault display and processing method tips, so that the maintenance personnel in the shortest available time to deal with the fault.
5) pneumatic components such as solenoid valves and touch screen, weighing instruments and other precision products are sealed design, not exposed installation, can be suitable for dust environment, so as to ensure that the equipment has a long life.
6) Packaging machine all control components, executive components are used at home and abroad well-known company products, to ensure that equipment can be long-term, stable and reliable operation. (See list of some foreign components for details)
7) Fault self-diagnosis function and acoustic and optical alarm system, timely alarm of the problem.
8) Simple and convenient operating platform, so that operators easy to operate and monitor the machine.



It is suitable for the high speed quantitative packaging of granules in food,grain,chemical materials, cement, fertilizer, plastic particles, fine chemical products, lithium battery raw materials etc.




The packaging system includes packaging scale, automatic baging machine, sewing package unit, sewing bag conveyor, control system and so on;

The steel structure platform is used to install the packaging scale, but also as an access platform;

Servo packaging scales are weighed in a net weighting manner, including servo feeding devices, weighing units, hoppers and weighing control systems. Feeding device using arc gate structure, relying on the weight of the material drop, to achieve thick, thin two-speed feeding. At the same time, according to different material characteristics, the opening and closing angle of the arc gate driven by the servo motor can be controlled by setting parameters to achieve fast, slow feeding and final replenishment action. Through the new servo motor drive structure to achieve rapid opening and closing action, so that the material feeding action more accurate and controllable, not subject to changes in external air pressure with material interference, stable and efficient. Drop slot:The material flows into the bag through the clamping device through the discharge tank. The lower chute chute is designed with a large fillet structure to minimize the groove wall material. Weighing control cabinet: The cabinet is made of 304 stainless steel. The latest high-speed weighing display controller is installed. Single station independent weighing system, using servo motor arc gate control, weighing fast, high precision. High-resolution three-point suspension sensor with high sensitivity and more stable weighing. Chinese and English touch screen interface, parameters set at a glance, the operation is more user-friendly. A variety of different product parameters can be set to achieve different product and measurement values. With a linkage interface, can be realized with other packaging equipment linkage work (convenient for the future installation of fully automatic packaging machine), reserved dust removal interface. 

Automatic bagging machine: The unit consists of a bag-preparation library, bag-picking device, bag-carrying robot, bag-dropping device, bag-carrying push device, bag-mouth guide device, vacuum system and control system.


Fully automatic seal stitching system:ZHFB-123 series integrated sealing machine is mainly suitable for 25 to 50Kg heavy-duty bag packaging, the machine automatically completes folding outer bag stitching.Seal form: Edge seam,Packaging material: woven bag with inner bag (PE), kraskin bag with inner bag (PE).Seal speed: 7-20m/min without extreme speed




Model YKCK25
Packing Speed 240-480bags/h(25kg/bag)
Accuracy Ø ±0.2%(2δ)
Bag material Straight line coated woven bag, lined with PE film bag, folding line seam
Bag Size (mm) width: 350-450;length: 700-900
Sealing method Edge seams
Air Consumption ~ 600NL/min,0.5MPa.
Power AC 380V 50Hz ~12kw
Control Method PLC
Material contact surface 304 stainless steel
Bag Weight 25kgs/bag


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