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25 Ton Per Batch Grain Dryer / Maize Grain Dryer With Automatic Control Biomass Furnace

25 Ton Per Batch Grain Dryer / Maize Grain Dryer With Automatic Control Biomass Furnace

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25 Ton Per Batch Grain Dryer

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Product Details
Coal, Husk, Branch, Biomass, High Clean Kerosene ,diesel Or Natural Gas
Time Of Feeding:
Time Of Discharge:
Moisture Reduction:
Circulating Grain Dryer
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 Set
Packaging Details
wooden package suitable for ocean shipment
Delivery Time
15~25 workding days
Supply Ability
100 Sets per month
Product Description

Three essential conditions for drying high quality cereals:
1, control the drying rate (per hour of precipitation) to prevent rice burst waist.
2, the control of grain temperature, to prevent the grain temperature is too high, lower quality, to ensure that germination rate.
3, equipped with automatic moisture meter. When the grain reaches the set water when the automatic shutdown, to prevent drying.

Horizontal octet and cross mixed flow
1, horizontal eight-slot and cross-mixed flow to prevent uneven drying.
2, drying around the heating method, even if the dry high moisture will not condensation.
3, a large area of ventilation, thin layer of dry, air volume, fast.
4, the flow of grain is good.
5, less energy consumption.
6, hot air channel is not accumulated dust, leaving no residual.
7, the drying section for the welding of the overall structure, even if the higher moisture content of the grain also has a good drying effect.
8, dry a small amount of grain can also be carried out smoothly.

Grain General Purpose Dryer Features:
1, low fuselage, easy installation, the height of the hoist compared with the previous model significantly reduced, and can be installed before and after, so both to reduce the construction area, but also the cost of construction costs.
2, "horizontal 8-slot" drying structure, so that the hot air can be all-round grain processing, even if the grain moisture is high, but also quickly and evenly dry.
3, safe, reliable, easy to clean
Drying Department with no bottom structure, debris will not pile up, sweeping and safe, reliable.
4, computer control mode. Dryer of the valley temperature, moisture determination and hot air temperature are controlled by the computer, drying evenly, do not burst the waist, do not need staff guard.
5, touch control panel. Panel design using touch-button, simple operation, easy to learn.
6, to prevent the burst drying speed of automatic control. Precipitation and hot air temperature are controlled by the computer without manual setting.
7, to prevent grain deterioration of the valley temperature control. Drying, in order to prevent the valley temperature is too high, rice and wheat deterioration, the computer will be reasonably controlled valley within a certain range, to ensure that rice, wheat quality.
8, to prevent excessive drying of automatic moisture detection, shutdown device built-in high-precision moisture measurement device controlled by the computer, automatic timing detection of water, rice, wheat to meet the required moisture content, the automatic flameout, shutdown, not only to prevent drying Excessive, but also rabbit in addition to all manual operation.

Dryer operation process:
1, simple operation of the control box
Simple operation and easy to use. Just press the button light to complete the various operations.
2, before the parameters to confirm and set the dry
Before each drying only need to confirm the amount of grain, cereal species, stop the water, rest and start time and other parameters, set simple and convenient.
3, to set the water when the automatic shutdown
Grain to set the water when the dryer automatically shut down, effectively preventing the drying.
4, digital display
Various parameters in the display can be very clearly displayed.
5, fault monitoring, alarm device
If the dryer is abnormal during use, the fault monitor will automatically alarm, stop, and prompt the fault location.
6, the choice of drying methods
According to the type and characteristics of the grain selection of different drying methods: a. Fixed temperature drying b. Regular drying


Model 5HZV-25
Type Batch type circulation
(t)Volume Paddy(560kg/m3) 25.0
Wheat(680kg/m3) 26.5
(mm)Outer dimension Length× Width× Height 5650×3199×12694
capacity (kg/h) (range of moisture reduction: from 25% to 14.5%) ≥1500
Hot resources Burner(diesel or Natural gas),Husk burner(coal, husk, branch or biomass),Boiler(steam or conduction oil) etc.
Burner Type Gun type, high voltage spray
Ignition method Automatic high voltage ignition
Diesel consumption(L/h) 14-30
Natural Gas consumption( m³/h) 15-25
Fuel Coal, husk, branch, biomass, high clean kerosene ,diesel or natural Gas
Blower motor power (kw) 7.5
The total power of Motor(kw)/ Voltage(v) 11.62/380
(min)Time of charging Paddy 50~60
Wheat 55~65
(min)Time of discharging Paddy 46~56
Wheat 52~62
Moisture reduction rate per hour Paddy 0.4~1.0%
Wheat 0. 4~1.0%
Automatic control and safety device Automatic moisture meter, automatic ignition, automatic stop, temperature control device, fault alarm device, full grain alarm device, electrical overload protection device, leakage protection device

The moisture reduction rate listed above is reference value. Effected by the air temperature outside, relative humidity, the variety of drying and so on, the actual value will be a little different.:
Raw grain condition: moisture < 30%, straw mixed rate < 2%, other inclusion mixed rate < 1%. The parameters may be changed when the raw grain with high moisture.
The parameters using environmental conditions is air temperature 20℃, relative humidity 60%~80%.
The heat resource is 0 # diesel (air temperature under 10 ℃ use - 10 # diesel) burner to direct heating.
No notice will be given if there is a change for specification, dimension and color.

25 Ton Per Batch Grain Dryer / Maize Grain Dryer With Automatic Control Biomass Furnace 0

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